Learning from Literacy Workers

Here are some places we can learn from each other.

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 Wendell Dryden
"a community literacy and basic adult education worker from Saint John" 

Kate Nonesuch
"I’ve been working in adult literacy and numeracy for more than twenty-five years, most of that time at Vancouver Island University. Although I am no longer in the classroom, my goal is to share everything I know about teaching before I retire."

Powerful Listening
From September 2007 until July 2008, nine adult literacy workers in Toronto met each month to reflect on our practice and ourselves as practitioners through the lens of story. We were particularly interested in how practitioners hear and understand learners and each other across multiple social differences.  We wanted to explore how these dynamics either support or stifle learning.   

The Amazing Knowledge Exchange Podcast Project
"a cross-country conversation about research in practice"

"As well as reading, we need to write about our work. We can better support our learners and ourselves if we use our own literacy abilities to shape this work that we love."
Sheila Stewart, Issue 1, Spring 2003

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