What do you call a group of altruists?

A selfish individual will always outcompete an altruistic individual, but a group of altruists will always outcompete a group of selfish people. 
E. O. Wilson, The Social Conquest of Earth


I wonder.

This quote comes from an article in the Globe and Mail by David Helfand called We evolve, but the university stands still.

In it, Helfand states that the problem with university education is:
There we have it – a brain evolved for two-way communication in a highly socialized environment in which collaboration leads to success. And we put this brain in a classroom of one-way communication in a highly de-socialized environment that celebrates cutthroat competition for grades and punishes collaboration. It’s brilliantly perverse.

My favourite part might be where he calls grades "meaningless tokens."

As he says, the idea that learning happens best when students can engage, participate and collaborate are not new and there are many educators trying to "evolve" this paradigm.

Here is how they are trying to change the way students participate in their education at Quest University:

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